Introduction of Cloud Computing has changed the way technology is delivered. The need for having a physical data center has been reduced dramatically. Pay-as-you-Go model has been gaining popularity.

CloudSolvIt – Planning Wizard

CloudSolvIt provides an easy to user Planning Wizard where you can plan capacity, compare vendors and analyze ROI to evaulate the option of going to cloud in less than five minutes. This three-step wizard allows you to size, prize and order services from an online IaaS catalogue and templates.

CloudSolvIt – Cloud Services Broker Platform

There are many cloud providers in the industry who offer IaaS and many other different services. Enterprises have tough time in understanding which provide is best suited for their organization. Many a times, enterprises pick a provider for a particular project and they stick with them as they have already invested time in understanding their platform.

Using multiple vendors is simply not efficient unless they use CloudSolvIt’s unifed Cloud lifecycle management brokerage platform where they can manage all the providers from a single interface. The brokerage platform integrates various provider offerings into a standardized catalog for automated provisiong across providers, consolidated billing and SLA governance.

Now, through a single unified user interface, you can Design, Order, Provision and Control cloud services in an end-to-end process. This process can be dynamically recalibrated at any time to ensure that all requirements including resource utilization, cost and provider SLAs are continually satisfied.

Customers can benefit from the portal’s many features. Some of which include:

  • Provider Comparison & Selection: Compare and highlight key differences and features across multiple provider offerings
  • Application Architecture Design: Model and price resources and services from multiple providers into a single solution before you order or spend a dime
  • Command & Control: Monitor and govern all of your IT infrastructure with regards to resource utilization and cost