Cloud Management

CloudSolvit provides an extremely flexible, cost competitive and results-oriented approach to maintaining your cloud applications. We offer a unique and tailored approach to designing a cloud management package to meet your specific needs.

The need for tools to manage various cloud providersis growing. Applications in the cloud need robust and on going management and support. Managing the application in the cloud is different from managing the physical infrastructure. The overall management of the cloud applications is significantly less than physical infrastructure. Since the customer doesn’t own or see any physical hardware, the management and operational costs of cloud application becomes easy.

There is no question that every organization should take advantage of the cloud capabilities and fully leverage cloud platform. However, many organizations are looking for experts in navigating them through the cloud maze.

What CloudSolvIt can do for you?

CloudSolvIt helps organizations by managing their cloud platform and cloud applications. We offer “Cloud Management” as a leveraged service so the organizations can focus on how to increase their revenue and not being bogged down by the day to day operational details.

We Manage your applications and provide support to ongoing administration of your cloud applications

We Support your ongoing development and potentially optimize your cloud applications. We provide development resources on Pay-as-you-Go model.

We Monitor all your applications on your behalf so you can focus on what’s important.