Cloud Development

According to Gartner, personal cloud is poised to eclipse the personal computer as ‘The Hub of Consumers’ Digital Lives” by the Year 2014. When data moves to the cloud, so will applications. This is a significant disruption on the way software is developed and deployed in the future. Many pioneers like and Google have made significant investments to provide platforms that will allow development and deployment to be totally in the cloud. These platforms allow developers to build applications that are flexible and scalable using state-of-the art programming languages and scripting tools thereby vastly improving the time-to-market.

At CloudSolvIt we helped numerous customers in this regard; our approach is to bring the top notch talent with specialized skills at reasonable costs. Our pools of development resources have built highly scalable applications in the cloud using the modern cloud development platforms.

Traditionally many enterprises automated their business processes and invested in deploying and managing their entire IT. Though this model worked for many years, it is extremely expensive to maintain dedicated hardware. In many cases, the deployed hardware is under-utilized and becomes obsolete in 3-5 years time frame.

Deploying applications in the cloud opens up many options for the organizations as they do not have to deal with managing the physical infrastructure. Now organizations can significantly reduce their investment in the physical infrastructure and increase their time to market. This is a reality now as many cloud platforms have evolved over the years providing robust and fault tolerant virtual infrastructure, processes and flexibility enabling organizations focus on their business, not on operations.