Case Studies

Client – An Enterprise IT Agency for one of the largest states in the US. The IT agency provides data center, telecommunications and support services to all the other state agencies, non-profits and local government organizations. The agency is currently enabling a data center transformation project to enable IT and communication services on one common data center, technology and service delivery platform.

Business Goal – The client’s goal is to develop and enable a cloud based technology, service delivery and governance platform to dynamically manage demand and Cloud based IT supply chain. The goal is to meet customer expectations with respect to service quality, choice, best value, lower IT costs and agility.

Scope of Services Offered

  • Strategic Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Broker Platform and Operations – Outsourced
  • Professional Services for Customer cloud onboarding, solution design, provisioning, migration and application deployment
  • Managed Services for monitoring, Data Center Operations
  • Business case financials
  • Governance Services: Resources, Cost, SLA Mgmt/Optimization
  • Training Services

Engagement Process

  • 4-6 Weeks engagement to design the broker operations model
  • 1 week engagement to setup the broker technology solution
  • 1 week custom solutioning sourcing and ordering
  • 2 day to setup the VDC and provisioning
  • 3-6 Weeks for app migration and deployment
  • Managed Services – Ongoing
  • Governance Services – Ongoing


  • Cloud based IT service delivery models are delivering real value to customers in terms of cost, agility and choice. Cloud Services Brokers are being positioned as an intermediary platform that can effectively help enterprises effectively adopt cloud services and govern them. Our client is an umbrella technology services agency for one of the largest states in US. The agency delivers data center services to more than 50 other state agencies. The agency has been consolidating statewide data centers for the past 5 years with limited success.
  • Customer agencies are not happy with the Enterprise consolidated data center model. The customer satisfaction has been at 2, on a 1 to 5 scale, for the past 3 years. It took customers anywhere between 1-3 months to get access to data center capacity (servers, storage, network) for their specific application architectures. With limited visibility into performance of their infrastructure and applications assets, governance has becoe extremely difficult.
  • The technology agency reviewed the possibility of using a cloud based service delivery model and instituted a project to explore this alternate delivery model to meet customer demands.


The current consolidated data center services model was based on a charge back approach where customer payed a fixed (Colo Space) + variable fee for consuming different HW/SW and support services. Going to the cloud, the key challenges for the Enterprise IT was:

  1. Establishing new IT sourcing, procurement, financial and operations processes
  2. Setting up contracts with preferred set of cloud services provides (Iaas, Paas)
  3. Addressing key cloud technology and legal challenges like Security, Lock in, et al al.
  4. Train customer agencies to understand, adopt and operate in the cloud

The key challenges for the customer agencies included:

  1. Analyzing the value of moving applications to the cloud (Savings?, Agility?, Scalability)
  2. Designing robust and scalable application and infrastructure architecture solutions
  3. Understand different vendor service pricing, packaging, SLA’s and compare providers
  4. Provision, monitor and change app & infra assets across multiple providers
  5. Continuously control resources, cost and SLA’s in a dynamic and OpEx model