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Cloud Assessment

Everyone is talking about “Cloud” these days. This is not a myth or buzz anymore. However, you may have lot of questions on where your ogranization stands with...

Cloud Strategy

Many IT professionals believe that cloud computing represents a fundamental shift in the delivery of information technology services that has permanently changed..

Cloud Platform

On-Demand Cloud Brokerage Platform brings technology partners to a common platform that helps customers quickly select, deploy and control..

Cloud Development

According to Gartner, personal cloud is poised to eclipse the personal computer as ‘The Hub of onsumers’ Digital Lives” by the Year 2014. When data..


Cloudsolvit News

A lot of data is being placed in the Cloud
A lot of data is being placed in the Cloud....

July 30, 2012


We had bad experience with couple of Cloud Services players...
Lisa McCollum, Engineering Manager

CloudSolvit helped us moving a good portion of our applications...
John Gaber, VP of Application Architecture


Scope of Services Offered

  • Strategic Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Broker Platform and Operations ­ Outsourced
  • Managed Services for monitoring, Data Center Operations
  • Business case financials